Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm still here...meh.

So, after all of the late September hype, it's definitely NOT lymphoma, and appears to be Still's Disease after all. But from what I have discovered from talking to a number of people out there with AOSD, this misdiagnosis is soooo common, more common than finding another person with Still's actually! So the cancer is ruled out.

In some sick sort of way, I was hoping in a way it was lymphoma, so I could go head first into treatment then be ok, in remission. But its more likely I'm stuck with this disease that has me pretty much tied to the house 24/7, when I have a flare, which for the last month has been pretty much daily. Oh and god forbid i do decide to do something, I pay for it the next few days.

Like I just ended out canceling my long awaited hair appointment in NYC that was supposed to be tomorrow, because I know if I went, I wouldn't make it up to mid Hudson ny for thanksgiving. Unfortunately I still don't know if I'll make it. I going to try my hardest though. I know hubby is getting sick of going to family functions alone. I have a feeling it will be like that until I get an official diagnosis, although my new rheumy (yeah, didn't work out with Cohen) is very versed in AOSD and is pretty sure it's that. My entire blood panels have to come back from the infectious disease specialist (dec 5) and then I see the rheumy the following week.

If you do ever decide to switch doctors, make sure to get copies of your records to bring with you. It may be saving me another few months on getting an actual diagnosis. Yes, this rheumy thinks my old one was a quack too, so is starting over, but at least she doesn't have to retest me for everything. I need to save the little anemic blood that I do have left, right?

Oh, and as a side note, I have been on govt. Disability for two years now. How the heck do some of you work full time jobs while you feel like this? You are more stubborn than I am, which is saying a lot. Then again, through my multiple disabilities starting at 23 years old, I have slowly begun to stop being stubborn and start listening to my body and just speaking up. Just food for thought.


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