Thursday, December 9, 2010

D-Day: A real diagnosis

Well, all of my doctors have finally come to the same conclusion: I do in fact have Adult Onset Still's Disease. This was officially diagnosed by my new, and lovely rheumy, Dr. Horowitz in her office. I also have Antiphospholipid Syndrome, a clotting disorder that results in a lot of miscarriages, but that is a very easy fix when we want to start a family.

Since I knew that D-Day would be today, I aked my hubby to tag along for the apointment. Mom has been at my side throughout the majority of these countless appointments since April, but I felt it really was Matt's place to be there, so he could hear firsthand why his wife is pretty much a crippled, whiny mess all of the time. We gently held hands through the explanation of what is to come, to attempt to control this raging dragon inside of me.

Anakinra, or brand name Kineret, is a daily shot I will be injecting myself in the morning. With luck and persistence, this should put the Stills into a term of remission. When I told this to my Dad, he replied "that's so great that there is a cure..." of course then I had to explain the difference between remission and cure. In remission, the flares can come back at any time, unpredictable.

Dr. Horowitz is pretty hopeful that a 30 day course of Kineret will kick this into remission, but it is such an unknown disease that we just aren't sure. I have no idea how my body will react, or how long, if at all I will be in remission.

On a miraculous note, I went to LindenCare pharmacy (they pretty much do all the meds and injury related equipment for the MLB and NFL) and they managed to get my prescription special ordered and in my hand within 6 hours of me dropping of the script. Now THAT is service. They even stayed late to let me pick it up. Of course, I was so excited I decided to drive myself, which turned out to be the not best idea I've ever had, but I got it done.

After I had the medicine, I got back into the car to call Matt. I was all geared up.
"I finally have hope, the cure is in hand. This feels so damn good." I could hear him smiling back through the phone although I had clearly interrupted his xbox game. "I'm so happy baby, I think this is going to work out!"

Me too. For the first time since I can remember, I have a bit of hope, and that's all I really need to keep going.

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