Thursday, December 23, 2010

Maybe not?

I went back to the Rheumatologists office last week and met with Dr. Labarca, because my regular doctor is now out on maternity leave. She started asking me questions that I have answered thousands of times before. I asked her what was going on.

"are you married to this diagnosis?"

Not really. I knew I didn't fit some of the parameters of Still's Disease, especially since I lack an elevated ferratin level, which appears in 99% of patients with Stills. My fevers are also not as high as they 'should' be. She shared some of these concerns with me. Things just weren't adding up.

"I'm just not convinced it's Stills. And I'm not just going to settle, we need a definite answer. I'm not questioning Dr. Horowitz's ability as a doctor, but I'd like to double check."

I was fine with this. She ran a ton of blood tests as well as a specific test for genetic diseases that the lab had a very hard time finding a code for. She also checked my body over for trigger point pain, at which I jumped every time she hit a spot on my body. I was told this is body-wide myofacal pain. She wrote me a prescription for aqua therapy, aka, PT in a pool, which sounds quite awesome. Moving again will be nice.

So I'm starting kineret treatment, which should help figure out if this really is or isn't Stills. Tomorrow is the big day I get to start shooting myself up in the thigh. If it is Stills, I'll notice a significant improvement within a few days.

Improvement would be a great start!

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